My name is Cory Cooke and I’m a Graphic Designer from Orange County, California. I am the fifth generation of design industry professionals, dating back to my Great Great Grandfather who was a black and white photo Hand-Colorist. As far back as I can remember I’ve had a passion for art and design. As an only child growing up, I would spend hours trying to replicate frames from comic strips (mainly Bill Watterson’s “Calvin n’ Hobbes”). When I was twelve, I cut my digital art teeth with the infamous drawing program MS Paint. Even with It’s limited functions, I managed to squeeze as much creativity out of it. When I was fifteen, I got my first taste of the Adobe Suite. I interned at my grandfather’s print proofing shop (something that the industry has long past and forgotten) and spent the summer learning the ins and outs of professional design software. When I left, my Grandfather sent me home with one of their older Macs loaded up with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Quark. I spent the next few years honing my new skills, designing logos, stickers, and tees for local bands, program covers for my high school as well as dissecting the world of design around me.

After I graduated high school and achieved my general AA degree from Orange Coast College, I enrolled in Westwood College’s School for Design and Multimedia. When I graduated from Westwood I was top of my class with a 4.0 GPA and a real job in the design field. Out of college, I began working for Hybrid Apparel (Hybrid Tees, then) and was apart of a crack design team (from March 2008-October 2013) that aided in the tremendous growth of the family owned tee shirt company. My time there saw Hybrid grow into a global powerhouse in the apparel world. Through Hybrid I’ve become apart of a wonderful non-profit organization called Black Book Sessions, that strives to be a creative community helping future artist stay supported and encouraged. We hold art contest for a variety of ages, visit high schools, and raise funds to send talented kids to art school.

Aside from design, my second love has always been music. I’ve been playing in bands from age eleven, and almost immediately began merging music and design. That passion still rings true in me today. In 2013 I began working as the Creative Director for a small record label(Arcadian Records) and a production company (Archstone Productions). Arcadian Records has been a labor of love that now has two artists with music sold all around the world.

Feel free to check out my portfolio, and thanks for stopping by.